GALLERY: 28.1.2023 One Desire & Battle Beast @ Pakkahuone, Tampere


The current BATTLE BEAST tour has been going around Finland for a while, with the big stop in Helsinki on January 27th, 2023. However, there was a smaller-scale show the very next day at Tampere’s Pakkahuone, which we also attended, this time with ONE DESIRE acting as warm-up band. The show was noteworthy for having sold out so quickly that they decided to do two shows, just to give local fans more opportunities to see the show.

Read the full stadium report from the Black Box show here.

This event took place in both the Pakkahuone and Klubi parts of the Tullikamari building, with ONE DESIRE playing on the Klubi side, filling the area pretty much to capacity already during the first show. Their energy was, as per what we are used to, excellent throughout.

BATTLE BEAST, naturally, put on one hell of a show! During the first set – which was an all-ages show – Janne Björkroth‘s gin & tonic mixing was done with Gatorade, so it was nice of them to keep it clean for the kids. Though the first show wasn’t sold out, there was still a very impressive audience.

The second set, however, truly released the beast. The band had their gin & tonics, as well as beers, and it seemed like the fully sold-out Klubi and Pakkahuone stages meant that the whole building’s crowd was aggressively packed into the Pakkahuone side… oops? Well, you could certainly feel the crowd’s energy, as there was nowhere to escape it! Naturally, I had a blast shooting them… no, I don’t have a BATTLE BEAST addiction*!

One Desire

Battle Beast

Photos & notes by Sami Hinkkanen
Written by Bear W.
*in my professional opinion, I disagree 😉