GALLERY: 27.10.2022 Come to Latin America Finalists @ On The Rocks, Helsinki


If you follow the Finnish metal scene at all, chances are that you’ve heard about the Come to Latin America contest that was running throughout the summer. However, if you’ve been wondering what exactly this contest was, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Arranged and organized by Jules Naveri (SPIRITRAISER, ex-PROFANE OMEN), the Finnish singer now lives in Brazil and arranged this contest to bring some of the artists from his homeland to the southwestern hemisphere, as well as getting the winners a distribution deal. It’s a fairly well-known fact that most bands can’t afford to tour Latin America despite the demand, due to the sheer cost of getting there from Europe, meaning that the metalheads there almost exclusively gets the huge established names for events like Rock in Rio. As such, it’s hugely beneficial for bands to have a foot in the door down where it’s hard to make waves despite such vast fanbases.

Read the full gig report here and stay tuned for our brief interviews with both bands about the contest!

Luna Kills

Where’s My Bible

Photos and text by Arto Alho