GALLERY: 25.02.2022 Turku Saatanalle IX – Day 1 @ Utopia, Turku


In a way, over the past 2 years, things have been going full circle, as Turku Saatanalle was the last festival to happen right before the pandemic reached Finland. Two years later, the first big metal event of the year to happen after the latest round of restrictions are being lifted, has coincidentally been the black metal festival arranged by Metallihelvetti. The festival has also been plagued by all kind of difficulties over the years, having to change venues and such, but this time found a good home in the city center at Utopia.

Unfortunately, the trip to Turku was not without inconveniences, and because of cancellations and delays we failed to reach the city in time for the beginning of the festival, missing the first two bands: BLACK ROCK and MALUM. On the other hand, we arrived just in time for WARMOON LORD, a one-man Lahti-based BM project featuring some familiar faces from the scene, even in its live form. It was a solid act with a strong SATANIC WARMASTER -influence both in the look and sound. 

After catching our breath from rushing to the venue and getting used to hanging around other fellow human beings once again, it was MORGAL’s turn. These young guys are still riding on the wave that lead to their multiple festival appearances in the pre-pandemic times. Now more mature and with a full-length behind their back (“Nightmare Lord”), they prove to be once more an entertaining act to watch, and delivered exactly what was expected from them.

BLACK CRUCIFIXION seem to have been ageing quite well these days, returning closer to their original sound from the “Promethean Gift”-era, while mixing it up with elements from a career spanning over three decades. The foursome offered a good performance in their own style, setting the stage for the final act of this first day: HORNA.

A thought during the gig went also towards the Ukrainians, who now suddenly find themselves in the midst of a war no one asked for, then came another tight and intense show for the enthusiastic fans filling the upper floor of the venue. The level of camaraderie that this line-up has really shows in their performances, and it’s one of those bands that is always giving it their all when playing live.

Despite the rocky beginning of the day (missing two bands and all) this was a very good night, and the second part would be no less interesting.