GALLERY: 24.1.2023 Starbenders, Yonaka, & Palaye Royale @ Huxley’s Neue Welt, Berlin


On January 24th, 2023, PALAYE ROYALE, along with YONAKA and STARBENDERS, hit Huxley’s Neue Welt in Berlin as part of their Fever Dream Tour

STARBENDERS were the first band to kick off the show. No one really expected anything special from them, because they were the first band of three. However, the thing STARBENDERS did a great job of was getting the crowd to wake up at the start of the evening. The amazing vocals of the lead singer Kimi Shelter made for a great performance; she could have a soft voice that would fit in with a lot of genres, but she could also go way rougher, which she managed to balance really well. Beyond her prowess, the entire band had some amazing energy. STARBENDERS were all over the stage, interacting with each other and the crowd, and really stole the show overall.

YONAKA is a indie-rock band straight from the UK and when the time came for their set, the venue was already filling up more, and began to participate in everything too, especially when YONAKA played some new songs from their upcoming album. The lead singer, Theresa Jarvis, stole the show, dancing in her cabaret-like attire and delivering some wild energy. Overall, YONAKA performed very well; of interest was the fact that they sound more alternative and powerful live then on the studio recording.

The room was filled with anticipation once it was time for the main band, PALAYE ROYALE. It started off with a voice talking over the speakers, after which they opened with “Nightmares.” The crowd got so fired up that pits already started forming during that same opening song. Of course, PALAYE ROYALE wouldn’t be PALAYE ROYALE if they didn’t do things their way. Remington Leith was wearing a long black and white stripped shirt over tattered leggings, with some stripes on his face and was absolutely all over the place. Unfortunately, nothing really crazy happened, like at the previous shows where they used water guns, broke microphones, or climbed on balconies. They did have fireworks, however, and Remington jumped from the stage into the pit to sing with the crowd. Their guitarist, Sebastian Danzig, did the same. Admittedly, considering the height of the stage and the size of the club itself, it was impossible to perform something crazier. They performed new songs from their latest album, “Fever Dream.” I highly recommend checking out PALAYE ROYALE live. They really offer one of the most unique concert experiences out there.