GALLERY: 23.5.2023 Guts, Nervochaos, & Lucifer’s Child @ Nirvana, Turku


On May 23rd, 2023, we had a chance to see LUCIFER’S CHILD in Turku’s new concert venue, Nirvana. It’s as if Utopia underwent meiosis – it’s now two separate places, but each of them is smaller. It seems like Nirvana is going to be holding smaller musical events from now on. 

The night’s opening act was Turku’s very own ensemble – GUTS. The group delivered a short but powerful set, warming people up for the rest of the evening. 

The second band of the night, NERVOCHAOS, came to Turku from the warmth of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The concert was a part of their tour promoting their newest album, “Chthonic Wrath,” which they released just a little under 2 months ago. With their infernal blend of death, thrash, and black metal, the quartet has carved a cozy niche for themselves in both the Brazillian and international metal scene. After over 25 years of stage experience, they knew how to interact with the crowd and in an instant created a truly electric atmosphere. The vocalist, Vic Ferreira, didn’t limit himself to singing from the stage; instead, he took one or two strolls through the crowd mid-song. 

The last to perform that night were the black metallers from Athens, LUCIFER’S CHILD, a band formed by former ROTTING CHRIST guitarist George Emmanuel and Stathis Ridis of NIGHTFALL. After two death metal supporting acts, a change of scenery was very intriguing. The club was filled with the smell of incense and the lights dimmed as the band emerged from the thick smoke. Inverted crosses, chains, Lucifer’s symbols, you get the vibe. They delivered the purest, heaviest, dirtiest, and most brutal black metal imaginable. The crowd went wild, headbanging and screaming alongside the band. They played a long set, which felt like a blink of an eye. They say losing track of time is an indicator of fun being had, so I’ll let this speak for itself. So if anyone has still been hesitating about whether to go see LUCIFER’S CHILD live, this is your sign to do it. 




Photos by Magdalena Niemczura