GALLERY: 23-25.6.2016 Nummirock @ Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki (Musicalypse Archive)


For us, as well as many others, the countdown for Nummirock 2016 started as soon as Nummirock 2015 ended. All the more special, this year marked the 30th time the festival was arranged, and to celebrate the milestone, the first bands performed already on Wednesday evening – but that, of course, didn’t mean some troopers didn’t arrive a week, or even a month beforehand! Because, let’s face it, a common problem with Nummirock is that one night and two days are just not enough, and with the already long wait behind us, we feel deeply sorry – for ourselves, mainly – for not making it to Nummijärvi until Thursday. But, without further ado, let’s hear it from Essi, Lene, and Atte: was the 30th Nummirock once again worth the visit? Read on here.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Photos by Eliza Rask & Lene L.
Musicalypse, 2016
OV: 10,552

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