GALLERY: 22.9.2023 Molybaron & Soen @ Kesselhaus, Berlin


On September 22nd, 2023, French progressive metal band MOLYBARON and Swedish progressive alt-metal band SOEN graced Kesselhaus in Berlin as part of their Memorial Tour.

MOLYBARON, a progressive metal act with an Irish-French formation, kicked off their 40-minute set with the title track from their new record, “Something Ominous” (2023). Subtle prog elements elevated the alternative metal, which resonated with a healthy dose of melodrama, especially at the outset. Singer Gary Kelly attempted to energize the crowd, but the German audience tends to be rather reserved, and any moshpits usually only occur in their heads. However, Kelly didn’t give up easily, and his persistence paid off in the end: they received a few courageous shouts and some jumping during “Something For The Pain” and the final track, “Incognito.”

Next up was SOEN. A black flag prominently marked the center between the drum set and keyboard, while the backdrop depicted a massive bulwark against an orange-red sky. The Swedes expertly straddled the line between soulful prog rock and catchy alternative metal with remarkable finesse. This also applied to their new material, as the opener, “Sincere,” immediately showcased how the crisp riffs came to life much more vividly in the live setting compared to the studio version on “Memorial.” There’s no doubt that frontman, Joel Ekelöf, like his bandmates, was in high spirits, delivering a rock-solid performance, whether with a gritty timbre in “Memorial” or profoundly emotional in the ballad “Illusion.” In the end, every syllable struck a chord with the audience. SOEN‘s ability to captivate its audience with minimal words can be attributed, in equal parts, to the band and the production. Undoubtedly, they are a remarkable live band.

Overall, the show was organized by the local promoter Trinity Music, who delivered top-notch production value in a breathtaking venue.



Photos by Alexandra Aim