GALLERY: 20.11.2021 Bürner & Orange Goblin @ Korjaamo, Helsinki


It felt like a really long time since the last properly “international” gig happened, and the same feeling seemed to have been shared by most of the audience at Korjaamo, considering how crazy it was during the event on November 20th, 2021.

Not many people showed up early enough to witness the Swedish opener BÜRNER, who played an honest rock ‘n’ roll gig with the kind of enthusiasm you can only get from a trio of now-middle-aged passionate rockers. Many in the front rows were of the same age and showed appreciation of their tunes with some dancing and a good dose of applause. But this was nothing compared to the moshing pit formed from the get-go when ORANGE GOBLIN took over. A varied setlist touching many classics certainly contributed to the show’s success, but it was truly exciting to see such a crowd and how involved they were with the band. Not just the singer, but both the guitarist and bass player had been interacting with the fans during the entire gig, allowing some of them to get on stage on a few occasions (a couple of these turned into stage-diving, before the security could intervene). One guy was in his 60s and at his first OG show, another loaned his Santa hat to the singer, another seemed to really want the singer to have his T-shirt for some reason… you get the idea.

The four Englishmen delivered what everyone tonight was longing for: an intense, sweaty, kick-ass live show that made everyone leave the venue with a big smile on their face.