GALLERY: 20.10.2022 Sierra & Carpenter Brut @ Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki


This season, things have sure been heating up when it comes to the event industry, and so the autumn has been filled with interesting live gigs. In a Kulttuuritalo that had been modified to accommodate this kind of music show by removing the seats from the main section of the hall in order to allow for more standing space, we went to behold CARPENTER BRUT‘s return to Finland on this tour supporting the new “Leather Terror,” accompanied by fellow French dark synthwaver/EBM artist SIERRA.

The latter certainly left a positive impression, entertaining the audience with her tunes and showing a certain talent, as well as personality on stage, proving at the same time that there is more in this genre in France than the usual “bigger” names. We are positive that we will hear more about her in the future.

Speaking of bigger names, for this tour, CARPENTER BRUT had clearly stepped up their game in terms of visuals, lighting, and overall production. While at times, bigger does not necessarily mean better, in this case it helped in the band’s cause, igniting the atmosphere already warmed up by the previous act. In fact, the crowd was possibly even wilder than usual (seated audience in the back aside), and Franck Hueso didn’t really need to do much more than a few horns gestures and a couple of glances behind his sunglasses to be showered with cheers. Heavily focused on the newest record, the set did leave space for older material, such as “Disco Zombie Italia” or “Turbo Killer”, and ended as per tradition with the cover of Michael Sembello‘s “Maniac”.

Much like their compatriot, PERTURBATOR (who will be visiting Finland again shortly), CARPENTER BRUT have gathered a strong metal following, so it’s always interesting to see many familiar faces in a different context. Tonight was no different, and as the band surely delivered once again, we are certain that we will be there again when the next time comes.