GALLERY: 2.2.2024 Self Deception, One Morning Left & Dead by April @ Tavastia, Helsinki


Despite the public transportation strikes turning Helsinki’s center into a ghost town on February 2nd, 2024, the anticipation for the triple treat of SELF DECEPTION, ONE MORNING LEFT, and DEAD BY APRIL at Tavastia stage drew a massive crowd. The line to enter wrapped around the block, but everyone got inside really fast after the door were opened. Despite concerns about the strikes affecting the show, the event went on without a hitch. The venue was packed well before the first notes echoed through the air.

Kicking off the night was SELF DECEPTION. This was my first experience witnessing their live performance, despite being a dedicated listener for quite some time. Bassist Patrik Hallgren brought a breath of fresh air with his vibrant leopard-patterned outfit, complete with a pink cowboy hat later during the show. The choice of attire perfectly complemented the atmosphere that had me sweating after just a few songs into the set, even without standing under the intense stage lights.

Amidst the Swedish invasion, local party animals ONE MORNING LEFT took the stage. A newcomer to their sound, I was pleasantly caught off guard by the infectious, feel-good energy they radiated. Drawing parallels to party bands like ELECTRIC CALLBOY, their performance was accompanied by distributing beach toys to the audience and some post-show protection. Discovering bands like ONE MORNING LEFT leaves a lasting impression when experienced live and is one of the biggest reasons I love to go and see shows from bands outside my little comfort bubble.

Closing the night with grandeur were Swedish headliners DEAD BY APRIL, frequent visitors to the Helsinki scene. Featuring tracks from their latest album, “The Affliction,” the audience warmly embraced the fresh material. Adding an unexpected twist, the band brought on guest Samuel Ericsson, a martial artist and social media influencer, injecting rap elements into select songs. The fusion seamlessly fits into the DEAD BY APRIL show, creating a memorable experience for everyone present.

Self Deception

One Morning Left

Dead by April

Photos by Richard Forsman