GALLERY: 19.8.2022 Midgarsblot Festival @ Borre, Norway


Midgardsblot is a folk and metal festival taking place in Borre, right next to Northern Europe’s largest grave mounds from the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age. This year, it took place over August 16th through 19th.

Next to the festival area is Midgard Vikingsenter, in which festival attendees could listen to lectures on Viking history, traditions, metalworks, battles, and many more, as part of the Mimir Talks. There is also a rebuilt Vikings’ Gildehall, which turns into one of the stages during the festival. There is also a Viking village, Folkvangr, on the festival grounds and many visitors are dressed in traditional Viking clothes. Ceremonies and Viking battles are held every day of Midgardsblot

On the third day, there was also something for WARDRUNA’s fans. The singer of WARDRUNA, Lindy-Fay Hella, performed with her solo project. She sang both songs from her album from 2019, “Seafarer,” and the second album, “Hildring.” Another Norwegian band from that day was the black metal classic, RAGNAROK, followed by a performance of the Faroese singer, EIVØR. She’s fun to watch, acting silly on stage and making the audience laugh between songs. The next one on the Helheim stage was Krzysztof Drabikowski’s BATUSHKA, for which I was waiting with the most excitement. They brought on stage an orthodox aesthetic with incense, candles, icons, and a coffin. The main act of that day was ROTTING CHRIST. The atmosphere on the third day was truly magical. Festival attendees, upon leaving the festival arena, could see the northern lights.

Photos by Aleksandra Majak