GALLERY: 19.3.2022 Turku Band Festival – Day 4 @ Various venues, Turku


The fourth and final day of Turku Band Festival took place at six different venues across Turku. We started our day off at Vimma, a house of art and youth activities. The first band we caught there was KANTOR, who were noteworthy for covering RAMMSTEIN‘s “Links 2-3-4.” They put on a very solid show and I’m enthusiastic to see them again.

MUSTA KAURIS (“black roe“) were up first at Utopia. They play folk metal and this was their second show with this lineup. I had personally just seen them a couple weeks ago and had to check them out again, largely because of the singer’s beautiful voice.

BAD SIGNAL played hard rock and have, if I recall correctly, been playing for around 10 years. Unfortunately, I had to leave their set early to make it to Moision Rokkari, which was 15 minutes out of the center of Turku. I managed to catch the first band on the next stage because of this: HATEFUL CHAINS, who were formed in 2016 and played Gothic rock.

RAHKO were founded in 2017, combining Swedish death metal and American thrash into one uniform sound. The reason we were intent on attending was that this was the final show with Sanna, their lead singer. Having seen and enjoyed them on multiple occasions, this was no different. Also, best wishes to Sanna, who made an appearance on Voice of Finland a few weeks ago. RAHKO are now searching for a new lead singer and she is leaving behind big boots to fill.

Alas, about 30 minutes into RAHKO‘s gig, we had to pack our gear and drive back to Utopia to catch ATOMIC ANNIE. We arrived as the band were already on stage. According to Facebook, “Annie prefers the dirty sound of fuzz and the melancholic shade of blues.” Their debut album is upcoming, which will surely be interesting.

As ATOMIC ANNIE finished their gig, and subsequently Turku Band Festival 2022, it was finally time to relax, pack our gear, and get some well-deserved sleep. TBF offered all different sorts of bands and genres fully gratis, and while driving home, we thought about how Turku seems to have some damned good rock and metal bands. The future of the scene is looking good! I’ll be attending TBF again next year – that’s a promise!


Musta Kauris

Bad Signal

Hateful Chains


Atomic Annie

Photos by Sami Hinkkanen
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