GALLERY: 19.1.2023 Detset & Pain @ Tavastia, Helsinki


The last time Swedish industrial metal act PAIN had club shows in Finland was in 2018. Luckily for us, they were set to play a set of their 360 Of Pain tour at Tavastia, Helsinki, on January 19th, 2023. Since we hadn’t seen them since the aforementioned date, we decided to catch up with their music and see their set.

Accompanying them for the evening were the Finnish modern metal band DETSET, who played a surprisingly long set for a support act, consisting of nine songs. We recently saw the band opening up for another industrial act, TURMION KÄTILÖT, and while their blend of music is perhaps an odd pairing, the energy the band provided did meet up with our expectations. They opened up for a packed Tavastia with the slower “Graves,” built their way up through heavier tracks, until the set rounded off with “So Offended.”

PAIN‘s show started off 5 minutes later with the intro track “Rebel Yell,” which then unfolded into “On Your Knees (Again).” The band really upped their production with a projection screen behind them, showing lovely animated visuals throughout the whole show, fitted to whatever song they were playing. The backing track lagged a little bit during “Call Me,” which seemed a little unexpected, but they were able to push through the technical difficulties right away. Since the band hasn’t released any new material since their latest record, “Coming Home,” they focused on their entire catalog, mostly including hits; some favorites included “Same Old Song,” “Suicide Machine,” “Party In My Head,” and “Shut Your Mouth.”

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Photos by Laureline Tilkin