GALLERY: 17.8.2022 Midgardsblot Festival @ Borre, Norway


Midgardsblot is a folk and metal festival taking place in Borre, right next to Northern Europe’s largest grave mounds from the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age. This year, it took place over August 16th through 19th.

Next to the festival area is Midgard Vikingsenter, in which during the festival attendees could listen to lectures on Vikings’ history, traditions, metalworks, battles, and many more,  as part of the Mimir Talks. There is also a rebuilt Vikings’ Gildehall, which turns into one of the stages during the festival. There is also a Viking village, Folkvangr, on the festival grounds and many visitors are dressed in traditional Viking clothes. Ceremonies and Viking battles are held every day of Midgardsblot

Midgardsblot festival started with an opening ritual, The Blot Ceremony, during which FOLKET BORTAFOR NORDAVINDEN celebrated their 15th anniversary. The ceremony included elements of a Viking Age blot, like using wooden statues of the ancient gods and animal blood. Everybody can participate and it’s a good way to meet fellow Bloters and give thanks or ask for blessings. After the ceremony, Copenhagen-based band, KONVENT performed on the Valhalla stage. KONVENT played a very energetic concert and their unique blackened death/doom sound was well received by the audience. After KONVENT, the audience moved to Gildehallen, to listen to the SYSSELMANN’s performance of ambient with its sound resembling meditation music. With MORK’s performance atmosphere got heavier and angrier again. MORK played “Arv,” “Det Siste Gode I Meg,” and “Født Til Å Herske” from the newest album, “Katedralen,” and a few older songs like “Den Lukkede Porten” and “Eremittens dal.” The last band on stage that day was an alternative Nordic band, KALANDRA. The first day ended with a melancholic performance of ELDRIM in Gildehallen. 

Photos by Aleksandra Majak