GALLERY: 17.3.2022 Turku Band Festival – Day 2 @ Utopia, Turku


On the second day of Turku Band Festival, the artists took a turn towards the heavier side of the musical spectrum. The second floor saw some heavy action and there was even some punk vs rap.

We first went to catch LIEVÄ KIPU and LAST TO EXIST, as KABUKIDROP had to cancel because of medical reasons. Nothing overly special about LIEVÄ KIPU, who played punk music sung in Finnish. LAST TO EXIST had a lot of energy and managed to bring in a rather good-sized crowd. Of note, I saw them back in autumn 2018 – they were one of the first gigs I ever photographed.

  • The first band up on Utopia‘s third floor, and the one to whom we started our day off properly, was ENDING FORTUNE, who started the day off with a true BANG! The deep, growling vocals and catchy melodies were a highlight from this five-piece.
  • PHOBOIAN took us quite by surprise. They were still doing their soundcheck when I arrived at Utopia and I had to just stop on stairs to listen. The clearest parallel to draw would be to Tarja Turunen -era NIGHTWISH, as the lead singer had a similar style of vocals, sounding just like Tarja. We really enjoyed their set.

BLOODREDNAILS certainly weren’t interested in holding back at their gig, blasting through like a drill into your soul. They were one of the best bands of the day to photograph and if you don’t know them, I heartily recommend you check them out on YouTube!

SIMULACRUM were the final act of the second day, playing their unusual progressive metal. With a new album out last year, the set mostly included new tracks from “Genesis,” but also included a few tracks from “Sky Divided.”

Ending Fortune


Lievä Kipu


Last to Exist


Photos by Sami Hinkkanen