GALLERY: 17.2.2024 Soul Incursion, Disguised Malignance, & Galvanizer @ Kuudes Linja, Helsinki


It’s not every day that there is a very affordable gig with some pretty solid young bands, but that was the case this time at Kuudes Linja on February 17th, 2024, where a sizable crowd gathered to witness a night of local death metal featuring SOUL INCURSION, DISGUISED MALIGNANCE, and GALVANIZER.

Of the three performers tonight, the lesser-known was, of course, SOUL INCURSION, a pretty young band that delivers solid riffs and has old-school thrash-infused death roots. Not really a bad way to start the night, to be honest, and surely won’t be the last time we hear or see this band live, now that they have some material to play (their first EP “Eternal Darkness” was released a couple of months ago).

DISGUISED MALIGNANCE is made up of even younger guys, but they have been very active live, and they also have a full-length album behind them (“Entering The Gateways”). It’s good to see all the enthusiasm that the younger generation has been developing towards a genre that was born at least a decade and a half before them, and it’s nice to see how they have improved in their live set, playing with energy and passion that didn’t go unnoticed by the audience.

The more “seasoned” band of this trio, GALVANIZER, sounded as brutal and aggressive as always, and it was our first time seeing them with the new live guitarist, Osmo Laaksoharju, who did his honest job on axe duty. Playing a balanced set from their discography (including a couple of tracks from the split with MORBIFIC), the four on stage delivered a constant pummeling to the crowd, who in turn could only be satisfied to get what they came for.

On another positive note, it’s great to have these early showtimes. Everything was already over by half-past ten, so one could still have plenty of options on what to do during the night after leaving the venue.




Photos by Marco Manzi