GALLERY: 17.10.2022 Sigur Rós @ Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki


Nine years after the follow-up tour promoting “Kveikur,” SIGUR RÓS came back to Helsinki for a performance,including new material that will show up on their upcoming record. For the occasion, 11 days before the 20th anniversary of the “()” album (which for this reason occupied a good part of the setlist), Kulttuuritalo had registered itself to be sold-out and the audience was visibly excited at the prospect of seeing the Icelandic band live after nearly a decade.

The evening was divided into two separate sets of roughly 1 hour each, allowing both the band members and the fans to catch a breather in between. The atmosphere was magical and the silence in between the songs was broken only by the loud applause and cheering from the crowd. It’s quite rare to see an audience so focused and perceptive to every single note coming from the stage. As expected, the music was complemented by the visuals on the screen behind the band, as well as the lights dancing throughout the stage and the traditional setup with lightbulbs set up on various poles, allowing the contrast between light and darkness to accompany the show.

At the end, the crowd gave a well deserved and very loud applause to the four musicians, in a night that I am sure will remain impressed in the memories of many eager fans for a very long time.