GALLERY: 15.10.2022 Helsinki Psych Fest vol. 5 @ Tiivistämö, Helsinki


When you attend an online psych fest and have a surprisingly fantastic time, it makes perfect sense that you might be interested in attending the next event in person. Such is the case with the Helsinki Psych Fest at Tiivistämö, which was online-exclusive in 2021 due to the pandemic, but was back at its venue on October 15th, 2022, for its fifth iteration. With yet another list of bands that we haven’t listened to before, but some whose names were familiar, we figured that it would be worth our while to go check it out once more, live!

Read the full festival report here.

Elliot Webb

The UFO Cult

Keith Mosfet | The Mosfets

Matilda Hugo & The Magical Fever

Tuliryhmä Roihu

Death Hawks

Mara Balls

Tmi Frank Nelson & The Nelsons

Maa Ilmasta

Tiivistämö Extras

Photos by Arto Alho