GALLERY: 12.9.2022 Four Stroke Baron, Voyager, & Vola @ Klub Zascianek, Krakow


On September 12th, 2022, the Danish prog-gentlemen of VOLA, wit support from Australian VOYAGER and American FOUR STROKE BARON hit Klub Zascianek in Krakow as part of their promotional tour. The show was organized by the Knockout Productions booking agency.

FOUR STROKE BARON was the first band to kick off the show. Coming from Reno, Nevada, it was an energetic blend of new-wave and heavy progressive rock. Comprised of only three members — Kirk Witt on guitars and vocals, Matt Vallarino on drums, and Keegan Ferrari on bass — the group managed to craft massive and immersive soundscapes juxtaposed over catchy, pop-like song structures. They performed tracks from albums “Classics,” “Planet Silver Screen,” and “King Radio.” Music-wise, the set was weird, fun, and bizarre, with groovy hooks and melodic incantations. The highlight was Keegan’s energy and majestic hair. 

VOYAGER kicked off their set with “Colours” and this was the right word to describe this band from Perth. They described their music style as a “blend of new-romantic and ’80s infused vocals, keytar solos, technical yet melodic fretwork, groovy bass, and bombastic drumming efforts.” The stage looked like a synth-wave party with all the colorful neon lamps. They performed bangers like “Dreamer,” “Breaking Down,” and “Hyperventilating.” In the middle of the set, a plush IKEA shark landed on Danny Estrin’s head and continued its journey on to the drumkit. The chemistry between the musicians was at such a high level, the keytar solo from Danny was outstanding, and the cherry on the top was Simone Dow (guitars), who was out of this world with her exaggerated emotions and sass. 

VOLA is a Copenhagen-based quartet that grew out of a common interest in eclectic, groove-oriented music which draws inspiration ranging from ’70s progressive rock to modern-day electronica, industrial, and extreme metal. Wearing a white T-shirt, jacket with sleeves rolled up, and a mane of blonde hair, VOLA frontman Asger Mygind opened the set with the soft and eerie sounds of “24 Light-Years” and continued with the more electronic “Alien Shivers.” The band was fond of exploring polyrhythms, experimenting with djent-battering riffs, as well as soft electronic music, which makes them stand out in the scene. They performed a 14-track setlist, with songs like “Napalm,” “Ghosts,” “Head Mounted Sideways,” and “Straight Lines,”  and closed with two encore songs, “Whaler” and “Inside Your Fur.” Their stage presence was more static and had melancholic undertones. 

Overall, the show was an interesting mix of different levels of energy. The only downside was the sound at VOLA, it was muddy and unclear, which ruined the experience. 

Four Stroke Baron