GALLERY: 12.02.2022 Howls of Winter IX Day 2 @ Rockclub Tapper, Tallinn


The last day of this Tallinn festival getaway for Howls of Winter began with another Portuguese band (many of the bands throughout the weekend were, in fact, sharing several members in common, since it made it easier on traveling – and bookings of course – considering the current state of the world). 

After waiting a short while for the door to open, the first festival-goers were greeted by Lisbon-based MORTE INCANDESCENTE. Formed by veterans of their country’s black metal scene, the band keeps a direct, old-school approach to their sound, as it could be heard throughout their show.

SERPENS LUMINIS from Switzerland was up next with their primal black/death, and a very convincing performance was led by the alluring vocals of their singer.

Still from the Alpine region, this time back to Austria, it was time for ALRUNA to make their appearance. Again, many of the band had familiar faces on stage from the previous night, but this time the music was more atmospheric and raw, almost mesmerizing at times, in what was yet again another good find during the weekend, and a band that is certainly worth digging into further. 

This back and forth with the neighbouring country continued with ANCIENT MOON, bringing their ritual on stage soon after. Another one-man project featuring live members from BORGNE and the previous SERPENS LUMINIS, the band’s occult black metal engulfed the venue with a dark ambience that carried us through the next act, while immersing the crowd fully into their music. A stark contrast from the following IRAE, the last Portuguese act of this Howls of Winter edition: in-your-face, raw black metal from the mastermind behind – among others – the earlier MORTE INCANDESCENTE. This was a solid offer that seemed to satisfy the most traditional fans of the genre.

Last but not least: BORGNE. the Swiss shifted yet again the evening’s mood with their industrial imprint and eerie atmospheres, providing an intense and energetic ending to the festival, as many people started dancing to the contagious beat of their music. Absolutely one of the highlights of the night, concluding this year’s edition on a high note.

Hows of Winter did not disappoint once again, delivering as always some interesting and unique act in the underground scene despite the hardships of organising live events in this time and age. Full support for the dedication and for the effort (which has hopefully paid off). As for us, we will be waiting to see what the next edition will bring!