GALLERY: 11.5.2024 Miseria Ultima, Biomechanimal, & Amduschia @ On the Rocks, Helsinki


Fast and heavy beats all the way from Mexico assaulted On the Rocks, Helsinki, on May 11th, 2024. A night full of aggrotech and EBM (Electronic Body Music) was offered by local duo MISERIA ULTIMA, a band always bringing refreshing positive vibes – BIOMECHANIMAL – from the UK, and headlining the night for the first time in Finland, AMDUSCIA, from Mexico.

I’ve had a curse or something, always being a bit late to all of MISERIA ULTIMA’s shows when they play first, and it almost happened this time as well due to surprise road maintenance disrupting public transportation schedules. Fortunately, my night was saved as I got a lift instead.

It always feels good to see performers showing that they really enjoy being on stage, and Aleksi (vocals) truly shows that during each of their shows. I can’t say the same about Kimmo (keys), but only because he’s moshing so aggressively that I can barely see his face during the whole show. This night was no different, and it really showed; the good feeling stuck to the audience as well. It was a great show to launch the night.

Second on stage was BIOMECHANIMAL, whom I got to witness in Finland last time in 2021 at the Hellsinki Industrial Festival. This was another happy, feel-good artist. This time there was another familiar face, MECHANICAL VEIN, whom I saw at the Hellsinki Industrial Festival in 2023, though he wasn’t playing with BIOMECHANIMAL the last time I saw them.

The headliner of the evening was AMDUSCIA from Mexico. This energetic assembly has gone through some rough challenges during their long history but is still going strong. They gave an amazing show to the audience. AMDUSCIA is one of the earliest bands that got me into aggrotech many years ago. Even though they are not one of the first bands that come to mind when talking about the genre, a few of their songs are among those that define it. Well worth seeing them live!

Miseria Ultima



Photos by Richard Forsman