GALLERY: 11.2.2023 Luna Kills & Lost Society @ Utopia, Turku


On January 11th, 2023, there was a long queue of people in front of the Apollo Club in Turku. What were they waiting for, you ask? To get absolutely blown away by some good old metalcore at the hands of LOST SOCIETY, with the help of support act LUNA KILLS

The evening started slow, with the club still filling up as the first band took the stage, but those who were late didn’t know what they were missing. LUNA KILLS delivered a powerful set and engaged the crowd to vibe with them and sing along. The main vocalist, Lotta Ruutiainen, has contagious energy and her vocals were immaculate. She has a power to her voice that you don’t often hear. The band played some of their most popular songs, which warmed the crowd up for the main act of the evening: LOST SOCIETY.

LOST SOCIETY, then, did not disappoint. Each member of the band showed off their impressive technical abilities and the tightness of their performance was mesmerizing. LOST SOCIETY are known for their heavy riffs, intense breakdowns, and melodic choruses, which are a recipe for an unforgettable show. The band’s stage presence was impressive. The vocalist, Sammy Elbanna, interacted with the crowd throughout the whole concert, and in the short moment when his microphone stopped working, he made the crowd sing a song for him, without skipping a beat. All-in-all, the LUNA KILLS and LOST SOCIETY evening in Apollo, Turku, was a night to remember!

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Luna Kills

Lost Society