GALLERY: 10.8.2022 – DAY 2 – Brutal Assault @ Jaromer, Czech Republic


As much as I like big festivals, I feel the most at home at Brutal Assault Festival. There’s always a heap of friends, good beer, and not that many stages to cover, so one has plenty of time to enjoy time at the festival and rest. If you would ask me to pick “my” festival, I believe this would be the one, even though this was only my third time attending. The festival took place from August 10th through 13th at Jaromer in the Czech Republic; because of my day job, we couldn’t attend the first day, so we came in on day 2, deck out with lenses like a Christmas tree (I believe I took all I own) and was ready to shoot some bands. The second day offered bands such as BLOODBATH, TESSERACT, ALCEST, JINJER, and DARK FUNERAL. Check out our photos of the day here…






Cannibal Corpse

Dark Funeral

Photos by Maria Sawicka