GALLERY: 10.12.2022 King Satan & Battle Beast @ Logomo, Turku


BATTLE BEAST came back to Turku after almost exactly a year since their last concert in the old capital, promoting their new album, Circus of Doom.” The whole tour is circus-themed and the performance did indeed take us all on a wild ride. 

The evening started with a performance by KING SATAN, an industrial metal band from Tampere. The group was formed in 2015 and has since released three full-length albums, the last of which, “Occult Spiritual Anarchy,” was released earlier this year. The band’s music joins elements found in electronic music, such as aggressive beats with heavy percussion and growling vocals. The band’s image is heavily influenced by occultism, as well as circus and carnival aesthetics. The vocalist, King Alesteir Satan’s incredibly energetic and engaging personality only adds to the overall spectacular performance. The band played some of their most well-known songs such as “The Faces of the Devil” or “Satanized.”

After KING SATAN had warmed up the audience, BATTLE BEAST took to the stage, starting the show by playing the eponymous song from their latest album, “Circus of Doom,” accompanied by heavy pyros. The band, as always, had incredible energy, full of fast beats and heavy riffs. We can all agree what an amazing performer vocalist Noora Louhimo is. This concert was no different and we had her mesmerizing the audience with her dazzling personality and engaging them to interact with the band. 

At one point during the concert, keyboard player Janne Björkroth got paper cups from somewhere and started pouring gin with tonic and distributing the cups amongst the audience and band members. The band played mostly songs from their latest album, and left the most well-known hits for the encore, finishing the set with “King for a Day.” 

Overall, the whole evening was a great success, with tons of good music, a good amount of pyrotechnics, lots of sweat, no blood though, and if there were tears, they were tears of happiness. Both bands delivered great performances and left the audience with an appetite for more.

King Satan

Battle Beast

Photos by Magdalena Niemczura