GALLERY: 10.12.2021 Arion & Battle Beast @ Lallintalo, Köyliö


On December 10th, 2021, Lallintalo in Köyliö hosted a BATTLE BEAST show with ARION as their warm-up act. The venue was built 1928 and has a very long history in event-hosting, and was “re-opened” in 2018. The staff were very friendly and made attendees feel welcome. Unusually, there was a barber named Jenni present at the event, giving BATTLE BEAST hairdos to the audience members!

ARION was first up on the stage. These guys have played surprisingly many shows this year despite the pandemic. They put on a very solid show, largely focused on their new material, but there were no special events this time around unfortunately, even though it would have been possible for Noora Louhimo to come and sing her part in “Bloodline.”

BATTLE BEAST, however, were the main event of the night. The tour has started early, despite “Circus of Doom” not being out yet. Unfortunately, the band couldn’t have any pyrotechnics because the venue is entirely wooden and there would have been a severe risk of burning the place to the ground. At one point, bassist Eero Sipilä sang the holiday tune, “Joulumaa,” and told the audience that he is available for Raskasta Joulua. It went down well, in a very sarcastic manner. Otherwise, they put on a strong, energetic show, as per usual. Noora Louhimo is an outstanding vocalist, top of her game. “Bastard Son of Odin” was one of the definite highlights, while “Out of Control” was the only older song in the set. They didn’t tease any unreleased material yet, unfortunately only playing the two singles from the upcoming release. However, “I Wish” packed a hefty emotional punch, so despite the lack of new material, the evening was very enjoyable and we hope to see them again soon!


Battle Beast

Photos by Sami Hinkkanen
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