Frozen Factory mark friendship day with new song warning about selfishness


“I Am But One,” out on February 14th, 2024, is the new song from Helsinki-based heavy art-rock band FROZEN FACTORY and the first single from their upcoming new album, which is set to be their third full-length, following previous album releases in 2020 (“Planted Feet”) and 2022 (“Of Pearls & Perils”) and an EP released in 2021 (“The First Liquidation EP”).

Here’s the music video for “I Am But One.”

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The heavy song, accented by soaring and melodic clean vocals, paints a dark picture of a life haunted by selfishness and ignorance. It is all too late when the character finally realizes they have been wrong to ignore the warning signs of a world on the brink of collapse. The song closely reflects the tipping points we are reaching today with the global environment and the lack of action from too many people, largely caused by misinformation and harmful corporate agendas.

The song features stunning lead guitar work from DREAMTALE and AFTER INFINITY guitarist Zsolt Szilagyi, who brings a sense of impending doom and a feeling of speed to the song with the help of a hard-hitting drum performance from the brilliant Marianne Heikkinen (SARURU and JESS BY THE LAKE).

Singer Stephen Baker had these words about the song release,

“We wanted to enter this new era with a bang. This will be our first album with Zsolt on board, and we’re feeling really energised and full of ideas. The upcoming album is full of our trademark twists, turns and storytelling and we’re sure you’re going to love exploring it. I Am But One is one of the heavier tracks and it’s all about realising that we’ve got to work together, look after each other and listen to the warnings coming from people who know their shit!”

Catch the band live at Lepakkomies in Helsinki on March 21st.

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