Finnish traditional heavy metal act Wishing Well release new album “Sin and Shame”


Finnish Helsinki-based metalheads WISHING WELL have released their fourth album, “Sin and Shame” via Inverse Records. Together with the album, the band also released a single and a video for the opening track, “In the Line of Fire”; this is the third single and video from the new album. The song is about ordinary hard-working people trying to manage in a busy, more and more complicated and competitive world, with ever-growing pressure and expectations from left and right. This goes for bands and musicians as well. The video was filmed by Toni Pasanen and edited by Sami Timonen.

Photo by Henrik Sirelä

Watch the music video:

The songs on “Sin and Shame” vary from the fast power metal style of the opening track to classic hard rock ballads like “Dancing Across the Stars” and prog-influenced instrumentals, such as “Flying Finn.” The title track deals with ancient religious themes of sin and punishment, whereas “Dogs Bark but the Caravan Rolls On” is a classic hard rock shuffle with catchy riffs and a punchline that makes it clear to everybody that they mean business. WISHING WELL can handle all these styles with flying colors, sounding original and familiar at the same time. The band have updated their sound with some more synthesizers and keyboards, though their distinctive trademark Hammond organ is still there on most of the songs, giving the music a majestic touch.

“We are relieved to get this album finally off our hands and hopefully into the hands and ears of as many people as possible. We enjoyed writing, rehearsing and recording it but now we just want people to hear the songs, live if possible. The new songs are great fun to play together and we want to take our babies out to the world,” says Anssi Korkiakoski, the guitar player and prime mover of the band. “We take pride in our work and though our music certainly isn’t groundbreaking or revolutionary, it still represents us and shows the world who we are and where we come from. We’ve found our corner of the world and we want to share that corner with hard rock and metal fans all over the world. With our heads in the clouds and feet on the ground, seriously tongue-in-cheek,” he finishes.

The album was recorded and mixed in various studios during 2022 by Henrik Sirelä, exclucing the title track, and was recorded and mixed by Marko Kataja.

The album is out on all major digital music services as well as on CD.

Listen to the album:

The band will play an album release gig at On the Rocks Club in Helsinki on March 31st, 2023, supporting legendary Finnish hard rock trio, PEER GÜNT.