Finnish thrash/death group Pahan Ikoni release new single “Ikonoklasti.”


PAHAN IKONI release first single off their debut album “Ikonoklasti” music video out now. Helsinki-based thrash/death metal band PAHAN IKONI release their debut album in 2021.

This year the Christmas lights are bloodred and might cause epilepsy. PAHAN IKONI release the first single and music video off their upcoming debut album.

The guitarist of the band Janne Vähäaho, who wrote the song, describes “Ikonoklasti” as being about bowing to false idols in a world filled with symbols and illusion. The story is told through the eyes of a destroyer of sacred icons, an iconoclast. The song is heavy, melodic, and aggressive and therefore represents the upcoming album perfectly.

Bassist Petri Sara, who also direct the music video, comments that the band wanted to capture their praised live presence via the first music video of the history of the band: “In my opinion, the ‘Ikonoklasti’ music video honors the energetic, intense, and raging atmosphere of our live shows. The controlled chaos really makes you want to jump to the moshpit!”

“Ikonoklasti” was mixed by Samu Oittinen from Fantom Studio and mastered by Mika Jussila from Finnvox.

Check out the new video on Youtube: