Finnish melancholic metal band Abandon All’s new single is about school bullying


Finnish melancholic metal band ABANDON ALL are set to release their debut album, “Far Away,” later this year. The second single from the upcoming album is now released.

Image by Jon Kangas

“Stupid People”  is a song about school bullying. This is a topic that affects unfortunately many children and young people. Some members of ABANDON ALL have themselves been through it and that is why it seemed important to them to talk about it through a song.

Watch the lyric video:

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ABANDON ALL was founded in 2020 and after 1 year, the lineup stabilized to it’s current form – Monia Sommer (vocals), Juha Nygren (guitar), Kari Harjunniemi (guitar), Ami Havukainen (drums), and Sami Heinonen (bass).