Finnish KAKSONEN release new music after 10 year hiatus


Finnish metal band KAKSONEN return from an over-10-year hiatus to release a new album this summer. First single “Kaukana kaikesta” from the upcoming album is released today on March 23rd, 2023. The band’s sound is built on extreme metal flavors and smooth melodic soundscapes. The new song is an ode to peace and unity in a world that so often seem like an endless void of loneliness.

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KAKSONEN was founded in 2007 in Äänekoski, Finland. In May of that year, the band played their first live show in a local battle of the bands. As winner of the contest, they recorded their first EP. The main goal from the very beginning was to create really heavy music that would also have a life-loving aspect and would resonate to people from different backgrounds. Over the next 6 years, KAKSONEN played quite a few furious shows and released four EPs and one full length album. After that, the band split up as the members moved all around the Nordic countries. Now, after about 10 years, the band has activated again and they are releasing their hardest and heaviest album so far!