Finnish extreme metal band Kneel Before the Death release new single from their upcoming EP


Finnish Helsinki-based extreme metal band KNEEL BEFORE THE DEATH have released a new single, entitled “Lust.” It’s a symphonic death metal track with influences from black metal and deathcore, as well as elements from electronic music. The atmosphere of this single is very dark from the very beginning to the end. The song deals with frustration, as well as how fear takes full control of a person and all that is left is anger. 

“Lust” is the opening track from the upcoming “Memoir” EP, which is released on April 28th, 2022, via Inverse Records.  

Listen to “Lust”:

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BIOGRAPHY: KNEEL BEFORE THE DEATH is a Finnish extreme metal band based in southern Finland. The band was formed in early 2013 by drummer Konsta Vihavainen and guitarist Niko Lappalainen, with bassist Joonas Peltonen and singer Aatu Kovanen joining the band later the same year. The band’s musical style was originally based off death metal, progressive metal, and deathcore, but has later been influenced more by black metal, symphonic metal, and electronic music, such as synthwave, creating band’s unique sound. KNEEL BEFORE THE DEATH released their first single, “In Death We Trust,” in December 2013, followed by their first EP, “The First Chapter” in August 2014. The band continued to evolve their sound into a darker direction and in 2015 released two singles, “The Bloodline” and “Deathbringer.” Their second EP, “Life/Death,” was released in September 2016. KBTD‘s latest single, “Miserere Mei,” mixed and mastered by Swedish death metal legend Fredrik Nordström, was released in November 2018.