Finnish alternative metal band Volucrine set to release third album later in 2023 – three singles out already


VOLUCRINE are a Finnish alternative metal band with an undisputed attitude and a style to match the erratic human mind. The band make their music with a therapeutic mindset and aspire to resonate with just about anyone with their humane themes; there are no dragons flying or swords clanging in the band’s lyrics. Born from the grey shadows of their hometown and the coldness of Kymijoki, VOLUCRINE’s strength lies in their ability to combine Finnish melancholy and sense of melody with the expressive language of technical and modern metal. Deep and personal lyrics accompany the crushing low guitar parts and rhythmically versatile drum arrangements. The ensemble is tied together with a dialogue of extreme vocal styles, so that not a single tone from the palette is left uninterpreted, from the black of Kouvola’s licorice to the grey of the concrete walls of VOLUCRINE’s hometown.

The band have been working diligently on their new album, “ETNA,” and two singles from the upcoming LP have already been released, in addition to a relentless cover of BLUR’s classic “Song 2.” The title song, “ETNA,” which borrows its name from the volcano, introduces VOLUCRINE’s more classic mid-tempo and riff-oriented style, accentuating the band’s return to a heavier expression, while the COVID-era power song, “Combatant,” boldly pushes into the realm of modern alternative and contemporary metal. The band have updated their arsenal and 7-string guitars have taken the lead to create the band’s heaviest album ever! “ETNA” is bound to be released later this year.

Watch and listen to the music videos/singles:
“Song 2”