FEATURED SINGLE: Vansidian – Suppressed with Light


Ever since VANSIDIAN appeared on the scene earlier this year, they’ve been making waves with their incredible singles. With Stormweaver and Code of Shame already released this year, they’ve saved yet another treasure for us, which was released in August: “Suppressed with Light,” which happens to also be today’s featured single!

Before getting into “Suppressed with Light” musically, let’s take a moment to appreciate the wonderful psychedelia of this purple cover art. At first, it seemed sort of cybernetic, but once I looked closer, it’s more like paint in water and broken glass – very visually pleasing!

The song immediately presses into you, mid-tempo and steady as it starts, with what feels like an aggressive dose of alternative rock mixed in eventually with the fabulous growls that they’re starting to be well known for. As always, it’s nice to see Tretja‘s vocal diversity getting so well displayed through their first releases, really highlighting the beauty of his clean vocals as well as the smoothness of his growls. There’s a lot to look forward to from this band! Never daring to let go once it grabs you, the song is great quality from start to finish, with powerful riffing, pure heavy metal production, and musicians who have clearly had their potential locked up for too long.

Be sure to also check out the lyric video, which features a delightful amount of shredding!