FEATURED SINGLE: Thy Row – Road Goes On


Have you ever wondered what IRON MAIDEN would sound like if they were a bit less heavy metal and a bit more rock’n’roll? Well, they’re not really that much like IRON MAIDEN in sound, yet there is something of the legendary band’s spirit in THY ROW, who have recently released the debut single from their upcoming debut album, which is set for release via Rockshots Records later this year. This first single is entitled “Road Goes On” and was released in June 2021.

So, I was talking IRON MAIDEN before, mentioning something of their flavor in this track. It’s largely in the somewhat chugging/galloping movement of the guitars at times, which feels like someone took a little IRON MAIDEN rock salt and ground it onto this dish with a variety of other spices to create a unique flavor in “Road Goes On.” This punchy and up-beat track is just in time for summer and you know I love it when songs and albums come out at the ideal time of year. This is exactly the kind of thing you might like to blast as you’re driving out to your summer cabin on a nice afternoon. Mikael Salo‘s vocal arrangements are ever a delight, including a very unusual octave pattern shift towards the end that really caught me by surprise.

The music video features Salo in the backseat of a classic car, which is driven by the devil while a priest rides shotgun. The driver is, of course, immediately familiar as Asim Searah (WINTERSUN, TRUE CULT CLUB, DAMNATION PLAN) and the priest is played by the Finnish actor, Samuli Edelmann. The duo seem to be both trying their best to corrupt the vocalist as they drive all over the road and ultimately collide with an oncoming semi-truck because they aren’t watching what they’re doing. The other shots in the video are, naturally, a nicely set outdoor band rock-out. This video was shot in the Malmi airport earlier this year, which is notable because the airport has been endangered for some time now.

Ultimately, “Road Goes On” proves to be a nice addition to the great summer hits of 2021 thanks to its strong vocal lines, upbeat rhythm section, and slick riffing.

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