FEATURED SINGLE: Smackbound – Those Who Burn


With the release of their debut album, “20/20,” right around the corner, Finnish metal band SMACKBOUND have released yet another killer single on YouTube, to give the fans another taste of what’s to come when the calendar reads 12 June 2020 and the album drops on Frontiers Records.

Opening on subtle symphonic notes that give the listeners an ominous feel, the guitars and drums soon kick in adding heaviness and aggression to the track, while Netta Laurenne’s melodic vocal delivery gives it a more rockish edge. The interplay between the melodic verses and the harsher vocals and powerful chugging guitars in the chorus adds to the dynamism of the track, making it pop a bit more. The vocalizations midway through the song – prior to the groovy solo – give more texture and layers to the song, as well as a rather oriental vibe, making for a nice interlude within the song. Teemu Mäntysaari’s guitar delivers on the melodic front, while Rolf Pilve’s drums beats and Tuomas Yli-Jaskari’s bass lines provide a good rhythmic backdrop to up the tempo, and Vili Itäpelto’s sparse keys carry the ominous feeling that opens the track.  

All-in-all, a rather intriguing song that should make the listeners hungry for more.

Written by Andrea Crow