FEATURED SINGLE: Resolution 13 – General Mass


After four years of hard work, RESOLUTION 13 is currently in the final stages of their yet untitled sophomore album. The industrial metal band is now ready to show us a first taste of the album, named “General Mass”.

The story of their debut album “Colossal” was about a fictional prison planet named Resolution 13. “General Mass” continues the story told on “Colossal”, General Mass was a female war pilot who disappeared without a trace. Her friend, and the hero of the story, cries out for her in “General Mass”.

The band from Helsinki, got a few awards from during the Emergenza finals in Helsinki earlier this year, one of them being for best vocalist. It is clear immediately in “General Mass” that vocalist Nico Hartonen has an extremely versatile voice, with a lot of power that lifts the band to another dimension. Other than that “General Mass” includes some heavy guitar riffs, pounding drums and often groove melodies. The song has a post-apocalyptic feel to it, which is important to the general storyline the band is telling. If you are interested in an industrial metal band, with a lot of groove, I totally recommend this single.





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