FEATURED SINGLE: Oceanhoarse – Feed The Sirens


Due to the festival season, this one slipped through the cracks, but now that we have found out about it, we can’t stop hitting rewind. I’m talking about the latest single of the Helsinki-based heavy metal act OCEANHOARSE.

“Feed The Sirens” is not a stranger, I remember the band’s very first show at Nosturi, as a support act to BEAST IN BLACK. The band played “Feed The Sirens”, and I remember it as one of my personal highlights of the evening. Ever since I’ve been waiting for the song to get released. With “Feed The Sirens” you can expect an aggressive attempt to make everybody start a moshpit on their own spontaneously. Heavy riffs, energetic drumming, and groovy basslines, if you then add a big chorus to the mix, you’ve got “Feed The Sirens”. With its Iron Maidenesque riffs, this single again is a fine addition to the repertoire these guys have built up the span of a year. Let’s hope that an album is in the makes and pops up really soon.



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