FEATURED SINGLE: Fear Of Domination – Dead Weight


FEAR OF DOMINATION released their last album “Metanoia” one year ago, luckily the band didn’t let us wait years to release new material. Whether a new album is coming along, we’re not quite sure yet, but the band dropped a brand new song named “Dead Weight” on us.

“Dead Weight” instantly surprised me. The beginning of the song feels a bit more heading towards what could have been a Eurodance classic. This is mostly due to the dialogue between vocalists Saku Solin and Sara Strömmer. It might perhaps start off more like a pop song but progresses beautifully into a typical FEAR OF DOMINATION industrial metal-infused track. The way the song progresses, every twist and turn it takes is really intriguing, almost getting heavier and heavier as it continues. Part of the goosebumps-inducing atmosphere in “Dead Weight” is created by using Sara’s voice to create a certain atmosphere, by also using her voice during instrumental sections during the song. Apart from the great vocal deliveries by both singers, “Dead Weight” has grandiose keyboard melodies, crushing riffs, pounding drums, and again that great energy which is part of why we love FEAR OF DOMINATION‘s music.