FEATURED SINGLE: Altamullan Road – When It’s Time


ALTAMULLAN ROAD consists out of two well-known names in the Finnish music industry: Johanna Kurkela and Johanna Iivanainen, who most likely need no introductions. The duo is releasing their debut album in September 2020, and just released a first taste with “When It’s Time.”

“When It’s Time” begins with a strong intro lead by a combination of wind chimes and a melancholic violin melody. The otherworldly atmosphere enters new levels when the dual vocals of Kurkela and Iivanainen hit the listener. The beautiful harmonies of the vocals are the driving motors of the song, while the soundscape is fairly minimalistic with pounding tribal drums, and strings to strengthen the dynamics. Simple, but beautiful. The dreamy, and at the same time folky atmosphere definitely is often intense, and definitely shows how these two vocals blend as one while touching your soul deeply.