Estonian Singer-Songwriter, Ikevald, Releases Rock Single “Hurricane” Ahead of Upcoming Album


Ikevald, an Estonian singer-songwriter based in Copenhagen , has just released a rock single titled “Hurricane.” The single is a preview of what’s to come on his upcoming album, set to release in autumn ’23. “Hurricane” was co-produced with Tõnis Noevere, who also plays in the band METSÄTOLL.  It’s recorded in Tallinn, Estonia, and Copenhagen, Denmark, with Ikevald‘s band: Oskar Malleus (guitar), Valdur Viiklepp (bass), and Sten Loov (drums).

The track has a modern twist and is perfect for a Friday night out with friends or a road trip. Its message is simple but profound – Relax, because nothing is under control! People who like modern rock will appreciate the energy and style of this latest release.

Ikevald‘s passion for music runs deep, as he comes from a family of musicians. He has been writing songs and fronting bands since a young age, and in 2015, his song “Genius” won a songwriting competition on BBC Radio. Ikevald later moved to Stockholm to collaborate with local artists and released his first full-length album “Synchronize” in 2019 under the artist name Ike Rann. Now living in Copenhagen, Ikevald has been working on his upcoming album, which promises to combine modern rock production elements with world instruments in a new way – like running meditation bowls through a distortion pedal.

Fans of modern rock can look forward to his upcoming album set to release in autumn ’23. The next singel to be released will be in collaboration with Finland based singer-guitarist Asim Searah.

Listen to “Hurricane” on Spotify