Draconian unveil official video for breathtaking “The Sethian.”


Gothic doom metal symbiosis DRACONIAN just unveiled a new official video for their hauntingly beautiful hymn, “The Sethian,” cut from their latest chart-breaking album, “Under A Godless Veil” (2020). Along with a bewitching official video that captures the melancholic identity of the song and transfers it to screen, the song is a gate into another mesmerizing sonic dimension.

Vocalist and lyricist Anders Jacobsson comments:
The writing of ‘The Sethian‘ started with Johan being inspired by a Nordic folksong. As the song transpired it mutated into a range of different variables and quite different for being a DRACONIAN song. From bombastic and brutal, from doomy sadness to gothic soundscapes. The instrumentation and the vocal arrangements are poignant and commanding, something that marks ‘The Sethian‘ as one – if not the most well-received song of our new album.”

Dive into another dimension with the official video for “The Sethian

Video director Natalia Drepina about the vision for the video:
Each of us is trapped in a gloomy and oppressive place, where lies bleeding and the dark side of our soul obscures our eyes with doubts and regrets. But at the same time, we can create entire universes in our dreams. And this golden light flickers in the darkness like sparks of hope.”

A haunting doom spirit covers the world under a melancholic Godless Veil!

Almost five years after the release of their sixth record, “Sovran,” DRACONIAN dropped their highly acclaimed epos and seventh full-length, “Under A Godless Veil,” in October 2020 via Napalm Records. Entering the charts in several countries, this prodigious album marks the unit’s most successful record to date and delivers a captivating mélange of dreary doom and contrasting vocals, and mixes Heike Langhans‘ angelic voice with Anders Jakobsson‘s death growls. This intoxicating piece of art was released as an atmospherically conceptualized, strictly limited picture vinyl quite recently with only a few copies left.

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And though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…

The one-hour long album, graced with haunting cover artwork by Natalia Drepina, carries the legacy of gothic doom metal à la MY DYING BRIDE or TREES OF ETERNITY into the new decade and will drag the listener into a sorrowful cosmos with the very first notes of spellbinding opener “Sorrow Of Sophia,” interweaving beauty and crippling sadness.

After crushing slow rhythms and the fragile “Sleepwalkers” that leads through barren soundscapes, the band – founded in Säffle / Sweden in 1994 – rises up to their best in the nine-minute long “Ascend Into Darkness,” which will echo in the listener’s ears long after the final chord has died away.

Under A Godless Veil” is available in the following formats:
– 2 LP Gatefold Picture Vinyl
– CD Jewelcase
– 2LP Gatefold Black vinyl
– 2LP Gatefold Gold vinyl
– Bundle: Covershirt + CD
– Digital Album


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