DEVIANT PROCESS release first track and album details of new album


The tech death-metal shootings stars of DEVIANT PROCESS are now releasing the first brand new track of their second full length, “Nurture.” The album is scheduled for worldwide release on October 15, 2021, via Season of Mist. The first track stomping track “Asynchronous” can be listened to via the official Season of Mist YouTube channel HERE.

The band comments on the track: ‘Asynchronous’ embodies the new direction of songwriting for the band, showing how we managed to carefully assemble the more eclectic elements of our music in a coherent way. It is a song that is without compromise, laying bare the soul of the band and really setting up the stage for the whole album.”

Pre-orders are now live HERE.

DEVIANT PROCESS have furthermore unveiled the artwork of “Nurture,” which is created by Sien-Sébastien. The cover can be viewed together with further album details below.


1. In Worship, In Blood (07:32)
2. Emergence (05:20)
3. Asynchronous (05:42)
4. The Hammer Of Dogma (05:50)
5. Syrtis Magna (05:57)
6. Homo Homini Deus (04:37)
7. The Blessings Of Annihilation Infinite (07:49)
8. Cybervoid (Obliveon cover) (03:56)
Total playing time: 46:43