Debut EP Sirkuit Preiker out today April 29th via Playground Music.


SIRKUIT PREIKER, fronted by MEDEIA guitarist Samuli Peltola, release their self-titled debut EP today via Playground Music. The band has also unveiled a new music video for lead single “Valtakunta” featuring Aleksi Paasola from BALANCE BREACH.

The EP’s themes revolve around death and mental health problems through a very personal catastrophic experience. The unique sound of Sirkuit Preiker combines extreme metal pushed to its boundaries with electronic horror-esque sound samples, hiding absolutely nothing from the listener. The result is a new, all-over fresh sound never heard before in Finnish metal, supported by featuring artists from top Finnish metal acts DETSETMYGRAINNICOLE, and BALANCE BREACH.

“Neither the EP or its theme where highly planned. After a year nothing short of a personal disaster the lyrics and music pretty much just came about on their own and turned into a bundle of six tracks. Mental health and death are the driving topics behind the package, based solely on personal experience while hiding absolutely nothing. Each track equals a diagnosis”, says Samuli Peltola about the EP.

The previous single Surunsyöjä feat. Ilkka Laitala (Nicole) tackled the subject of severe depression. The music video, directed by Valtteri Lahikainen, was filmed in the same mental institution where Peltola had not too long ago subscribed to seek help for his mental health issues. The focus track Valtakunta offers a related story stemming from insomnia, bluntly the impossibility of sleep and related states of mind.

See full tracklist below with all featuring artists:

1. Surunsyöjä feat. Ilkka Laitala (Nicole)
2. Valtakunta feat. Aleksi Paasonen (Balance Breach)
3. Kuoleman Oma
4. Nekropoli feat. Jonne Soidinaho (Detset)
5. APS7
6. VU 2.0 feat. Tommy Tuovinen (MyGrain) (Viimeinen Uni remaster)

Sirkuit Preiker is:

Samuli Peltola – music, guitars
Juho Manninen – bass
Jonne Soidinaho – producer
Ville Hautaluoma – mixing and mastering