Coronavirus: How to deal with it the metal way!


The coronavirus pandemic hit humanity like a fireball and forced us to shift our lifestyle completely. Most of us are staying at home to avoid spreading the virus and help doctors contain this situation before it gets way worse than it already is, and that means having to find ways to adapt to this new living scenario. 

Humanity, in general, has been in a rush to get to their workplaces or holiday, to meet a deadline or to prepare for an important event, and has always complained that they never have enough time for the little things life has to offer. With this global crisis on our hands, we hit a big reset button, and all those important things are now somehow secondary (even for those working from home these days), as health and safety are prioritized.  

There is a silver lining in these trying times we are experiencing – we have been given the gift of time, as someone so elegantly phrased on Facebook. We have now enough time to indulge in the small things that make life so worth living. Besides giving us a break from work, time to recharge our batteries, and mentally prepare for the effects of this pandemic, we can really dive into some well-deserved self-care routine and re-focus on the things that really matter in life; things that we have taken for granted like spending time with your family, talking to your friends more often (even if it’s via phone calls or Skype), reading that book you’ve always wanted to read, enjoying your morning coffee without worrying that you’ll be late for work, taking a long, relaxing bath, listening to your favorite music, cooking some good food and enjoying it with your family, or just doing whatever it is that brings you joy and happiness. We have time now to slow down from our fast-paced lives, re-organize our priorities and the way we are living, and just enjoying life moment by moment. 

Amid all the negative information we get from the mass media, it is vital that we not only refrain from panic and fear, but also that we keep a calm and optimistic state of mind, that once all this blows over we can safely return to our modern-day lifestyle, we can go back to coffee shops and museums, theaters and cinemas, parks and concerts, and we’ll look back on these days as a gift, rather than a curse.  Just take a look at how wonderfully Italy, a country in full lockdown, is dealing with the situation by singing to improve morale. A spectacular example of the human spirit overcoming hardships! 

Speaking of music, singing, and missed concerts, here are some ideas to keep busy and engaged while we ride out this storm together:

  • Watch/re-watch your favorite live DVDs – the endorphins released with surely boost both your state of mind as well as your immune system;
  • Stream some shows from the summer festivals (Wacken, Hellfest, Graspop, Resurrection Fest, Bloodstock, etc.) to keep in mind the fun that awaits us once this all blows over; also good to practice your headbanging skills;
  • Dig more into artwork/lyrics of your favorite bands – this will also give you a chance to better understand the story, especially in the case of concept albums;
  • Binge-watch all the official videos released and leave some nice comments for the bands to read. Share some of your favorites on your social media to keep the artist relevant;
  • Try learning new songs so as to be better prepared for the next time you will sing karaoke with your friends;
  • Put your creativity to work, and to draw/paint some cover artworks of your favorite albums;
  • Or get inspired by your favorite songs and create some cool drawings;
  • Reorganize your CD / Vinyl collection, and maybe add some new titles to it;
  • Discover new music! We all have lists of bands that we’ll check out ‘someday’, so why not use this free time to check them out now. Or take a look at all the reviews on our website and who knows, maybe you’ll discover your new favorite band;
  • Search online for interviews with (or articles about) your favorite artist – who knows what new things you may learn about them. Also share them on your social media for others to see and enjoy. Check out our interviews here, we also have a YouTube channel filled with video interviews;
  • If you like singing or playing an instrument this is the perfect time to do some cover songs – piano, acoustic, a capella, it doesn’t matter as long as you have fun. Remember laughter is a good medicine;
  • Come up with choreography to that song you like dancing/headbanging so much to;
  • Remember to also work out to the beat of your favorite music – keep the body and mind healthy;
  • Get on the Patreon pages of artists to show your support for them and interact with them directly;
  • Watch movies/documentaries about the metal scene;
  • There’s so much time to read so why not grab a biography and dig into the lives of your favorite rockstars;
  • Or if you are into photography, there are a lot of concert and music photographers who have published books.

There are so many activities you can do to keep active and engaged during these days of (self-imposed) quarantine, the above list is just the tip of the iceberg and more ideas can be added to it! 

Take care of yourselves, your loved one, and stay creative & healthy! 

Written by Andrea Crow

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