Coldbound (ft. Liv Kristine) release cinematic video for “Slumber Of Decay.”


COLDBOUND started as a one-man project by Pauli Souka, but in October 2020 COLDBOUND expanded to a collective effort with the addition of Liv Kristine Espenæs (well known for her work with THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and LEAVES’ EYES) on the vocals and co-composing and Meiju Enho (MYTHRIAN, MAMYTH, GREENROSE FAIRE, ex-ENSIFERUM, ex-FINNTROLL (live)) on keyboards, analogue knobs, orchestration, and co-composing.

Asking the band about their musical approach, they state: “Upon introducing more fresh ideas into our music, our sound changed into a more pure and unfiltered direction, combining most of our favourite sounds; all merged into a polished well played and at times, brutal metal sound. It was of great importance and a great deal to enslain, the fact that sounds inspired by ’70s prog rock bands can be easily reprised into something modern with addition of a few frequencies. Heavy orchestrations is also a very important part of our music as we canʼt hide our love and affection towards the classical instruments, played by real people. Merging polished metal sound, 70sʼ progressive rock elements, and fat orchestrations, aside from theatrical vocal elements, is what definitely defines our new sound and approach.”

The video clip of the first single “Slumber Of Decay” was filmed in two countries. It took four sessions in Sweden and one session in Switzerland. Due to the corona restrictions, the band had to come up with the best alternative solution for the time being. The main deal was to capture the moment, as this is what the guys are doing with their music.

Check out the video here:

Pauli Souka recorded most of the footage in the Swedish wilderness with the assistance of high-tech cameras and drones whereas Liv Kristine and Mikkel Hansen from Allegro Talent Media, recorded their parts in the blooming rainy forest of Switzerland.

Pauli states: “The essence of our movie is inspired by the element of autumn, hence filmed during the autumn time. Whilst nature starts preparing herself for a long slumber before the snow and cold arrives, colours turn magnificent but also the feeling of being into the woods while nature prepares for a long sleep is just magical.”

COLDBOUND has composed and recorded a double album which is entitled “Skies Are Weeping” – stay tuned for more information coming soon!


Liv Kristine – Vocals
Meiju Enho – Analogue Knobs
Pauli Souka – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Orchestration

Guest Appearances for Slumber Of Decay :
Pasi Sipilä – Lead Guitar (ex-CHARON)
Markus Riihimäki – Kantele
Lotta Sofia Kyrönaho – Woodwinds