Brutal Assault 2022: SÓLSTAFIR and nine underground treats!


One of the things you appreciate about Brutal Assault is that we aim to discover and bring you artists that are new and unconventional. That’s what the current update is all about, with one exception – well-known and popular mood-makers SÓLSTAFIR from Iceland. Along with the enigmatic and gloomy Finns SKEPTICISM are the only bands re-appearing once again in our line-up. The remaining names are to be seen for the first time at BA!

This will be a premiere at BA for BLOODYWOOD coming from India, the psychedelic hypnotists ORANSSI PAZUZU, the implacable PUPIL SLICER, and the death-mongers CARNATION. SLOPE will get you moving with their “funky monkey”; DOOL, on the other hand, will nail you to the floor, the same as on the regular band extended THE DEVIL’S TRADE from Hungary. Lastly, for the first time to play abroad, we’re bringing THY CATAFALQUE!