Australliance, a metal music charity project for Australia; also Finnish metal musicians involved


Last week the Dutch composer/guitarist Kevin Storm (Kevin Storm – Official) launched the metal music charity campaign “Australliance” to help the wildlife suffering from the fires in Australia.

Mr. Storm invited many other musicians to collaborate, and together they recorded a song called “Can’t shut it off”. Storm is donating all the proceeds of this campaign to Wires Wildlife Rescue.

Storm explains how everything got started followingly:

“On Sunday January 4th the news of Australia’s wildfires had me in tears. I couldn’t sleep, wrote the lyrics in 5 minutes and the day after started recording a charity song during a 10-hour live stream. After this I started inviting fellow musicians to contribute.
The whole thing grew out of hand as the community started to gather around it and in one week we now have 16 musicians, some VERY well known in the heavy metal community, who all contributed to a heartbreaking song that is mixed in one of the best recording studios, backed by major companies and so much more is happening in the campaign.”

Harri Koskela, Anne Lill Rajala and Emily Leone from the Finnish theatrical metal band LOST IN GREY participated in the project.

Anne Lill states: “There are so many horrible things happening in the world, and sometimes one may feel so small and powerless against it all. For me making music is one of the ways to ease that pain for a moment, but it is even better if the music can raise awareness or have some tangible results. Kevin has done an unbelievable job with managing this campaign, collecting all these people around it, not getting much sleep, just trying to do something to help. I hope this campaign reaches as many as possible, and people are encouraged to donate. Because even after this current emergency is over, and I sure hope that would be soon, help is still needed.”

You can purchase the song here and you may pay what you want:

You can also donate directly by PayPal to

ALL proceeds of this campaign will be donated to the WIRES Wildlife Rescue.