2.11.2018 Omnium Gatherum @ Tavastia, Helsinki


“The Burning Cold” turned out to be one of my favorite albums released to the Finnish market during 2018. During my interview with the guys from Omnium Gatherum in summer, I knew that I felt like going to their show at Tavastia in autumn. So when time was near, I marched my way to Tavastia where the band took a halt on 2 November 2018.


I’m always a bit surprised when there is no photo pit, nevertheless because no one ever comes early to shows in this country, I found myself on the second row, relieved that I just might still be able to get some proper shots. But before my troubled and stressed out mind could actually wander off about it, the band started with their set. A lot of songs coming from their new album passed, “Gods Go First”, “Refining Fire”, “Over The Battlefield”, but the band also not shied out from playing older material.


It was my first time seeing Omnium Gatherum live, and I have to say that I was surprised by their performance. I never expected them to put on such an enthusiast and energetic show. Frontman Jukka Pelkonen is a real showman, as well as guitarist Markus Vanhala who somehow makes it seem that playing guitar is super easy. He throws his guitar around as if it’s not a big deal and meanwhile plays perfectly tight melodies and solos. Even though the band clearly focused on playing a set high on energy, they did hand out a solid and tight set filled with heavy riffs, their catchy melodies and in general a lot of fun, and the audience, they went along with it! Count me in for another round, when Omnium Gatherum is playing next in Helsinki, I’m definitely joining the party again.