3.5.2020 Cellar Darling @ Soundfarm Studios, Obernau, Switzerland


In the past couple of years, CELLAR DARLING have always managed to surprise us both with captivating releases and enchanting shows. When it was announced that the band would hold their own streaming concert from Soundfarm Studios on 3 May 2020, we knew we would have a great evening filled with excellent tracks. 

With a delay of 15 minutes, the stream finally started with a video divided into four different channels, making up for an interesting approach to these streaming concerts. Each angle focused on a band member, as well as one that was used to show the whole band. 

A brief hello was followed by the excellent opening track of their recent album “The Spell,” “Pain.” The track always allows the band to kick off their shows with an energetic start. The song was followed by the mesmerizing “Death,” a great start to the event. With two albums in their repertoire, the band mostly focused on the latest album “The Spell,” and continued their setlist with “Love,” “The Spell,” “Insomnia,” and “Freeze,” after which the band introduced some tracks of their debut album “This is the Sound.” The energetic “Black Moon” followed, after which the heavy “Hullaballoo” provided a bit of a variety in the setlist. Next, they attacked with a medley of two immensely energetic songs, “Starcrusher” and “Fire, Wind & Earth,” which are certainly two of the finest tracks off “This is the Sound.” 

The set ended with the hauntingly beautiful “Six Days” and fan-favorite “Avalanche,” which had the virtual audience going wild, and even I was singing and clapping along to the deadly catchy track, which always serves as a great ending to a night of magical music. All-in-all CELLAR DARLING delivered a great show with a setlist similar to the one we previously experienced at their show at On The Rocks in Helsinki, which is a good balance of heavier tracks combined with more atmospheric, immersive tracks.


1. Pain
2. Death
3. Love
4. The Spell
5. Insomnia
6. Freeze
7. Black Moon
8. Hullabaloo
9. Starcrusher / Fire, Wind & Earth
10. Six Days
11. Avalanche