GALLERY: 23.7.2021 Rock in the City @ Kansalaistori, Lappeenranta


Finnish touring festival Rock in the City came to life in 2019. The festival, organized over several different cities, always has a knack for picking out Finnish talent. Its edition in 2019 brought over 50,000 visitors and now the beloved festival is finally back for a 2021 edition! Originally the organization had planned events over a total of eleven Finnish cities, but due to the limitations and uncertainties related to a certain pandemic, the early summer festival weekends were cancelled, leaving events in only five cities.

We felt the need to attend at least one of the evenings and opted for the event at Kansalaistori in Lappeenranta, where six of Finland’s finest metal bands were set to play: TURMION KÄTILÖT, PEER GÜNT, KLAMYDIA, SONATA ARCTICA, and STAM1NA. From dancing along to the industrial metal atmosphere of TURMION KÄTILÖT, the heavy metal tunes of PEER GÜNT, and the punk rock attitude from KLAMYDIA, to the energetic thrashing of MOKOMA, the singalong moments with SONATA ARCTICA, and finally, the fine windmill techniques of STAM1NA, the event was altogether successful, attracting a whopping 5,000 visitors.

Check out our photo gallery below to grasp some of the atmosphere of the event:

Turmion Kätilöt

Peer Günt



Sonata Arctica


Photos by Oskari Mäkisarka